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For ages 6-8

Our programme designed for kids aged 6-8.


We use real world aviation related examples to educate children through STEM. Our instructors have many years and thousands of flying hours behind them and with their industry knowledge and expertise we make learning fun and relevant.


Topics covered include:

  • Aerodynamics

  • How aircraft fly

  • Introduction to aircraft systems

  • Day in the life of a pilot


For young aviators we offer a special chance to take to the virtual skies in a realistic simulator of the modern Airbus A321neo jet. Brand new,  state of the art simulator with realism so advanced it is used by real world pilots for training.

Course Content

Class 1:

  • Introduction to Aviation

  • How a wing works

  • How to control an airplane

  • Paper Aeroplane Competition

Class 2:

  • How Jet Engines work

  • Demonstration of a jet turbine

  • How electrical systems are powered

  • Electrical circuit demonstration

Class 3:

  • Weather challenges

  • How thunderstorms are formed

  • How typhoons affect aircraft

  • How fog is formed (Practical demonstration)

Class 4:

  • Basic piloting techniques

  • How to plan a flight

  • Takeoff and Landing

  • Day in the life of a pilot

Simulator 1:

  • Takeoff

  • Climbing and Descending

  • Basic circuit

  • Landing

Simulator 2:

  • Flying in different weather

  • World's hardest airports

  • Aircraft failures

  • Aircraft Safety Systems


What language is the course delivered in?

English is the language of aviation and so we shall be teaching in English

What materials will be provided and what do I need to bring?

All teaching materials will be provided so all you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to learn!

How long will my child get at the controls of the simulator?

How long will depend on the amount of students but on average expect around 20 minutes of hands on time flying with our experienced pilot instructors

Where will the classes be held?

Our classroom sessions and experiments will be held in Causeway Bay

Our simulator is located in Lai Chi Kok

Who are the instructors?

All our instructors are real world airline pilots with at least 10 years of flying experience flying all over the world. Being airline pilots means that they have passed numerous background checks and are passionate about aviation and sharing that with the youth of today

What will I learn?

Our 4 classroom sessions will include practical experiments and activities designed to promote learning. For example, we learn about aerodynamics by having a paper aeroplane competition! We also look at aircraft systems such as electrics, how circuits work and learn basic piloting techniques using Microsoft Flight Simulator

What simulator do you use?

The simulator is based on an Airbus A321neo aircraft. A variant of the A320 family, one of the most popular aircraft flying today. Used by airlines around the world for short, medium and long haul routes. The simulator mimics the real aircraft including failures and abnormal situations and is often used by current pilots as a training device

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